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Product Features

We offer robust features that simplify tasks, enhance collaboration, and elevate your workflow to new heights.


  • Automated billing and invoicing
  • Single-click batch processing for efficient billing
  • Streamlined processing for gas and electric bills


  • Cash-in/cash-out flow
  • Occupant arrear statement
  • Occupant ledger
  • Monthly income/expense
  • Expense GL ledger


  • Automated SMS notifications for invoice generation.
  • Instant notifications upon receiving payments.
  • Reminder SMS for upcoming dues

Maintenance Scheduling

  • Efficient scheduling of maintenance tasks.
  • Automated notifications for scheduled maintenance to enhance communication.

Association Committee

  • Create and manage building management committee
  • Upload meeting minutes document
  • Instant messaging and announcements

Facilities Management

  • Enables occupants to request services and file complaints easily
  • Track service request status
  • Notification through portal
  • Allows occupants to monitor their billing and payment status

Quick Demo

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Offered Services

Building management authorities can access all the necessary services to effectively address their buildings' requirements.

Software as a service

Streamlines financial processes for building management by providing a cloud-based solution.

Security Service

Ensuring safety with trained professionals and advanced technology for your peace of mind.

Cleaning Service

We make sure your complex places shine bright with our careful and effective cleaning services.

Household Service

We offer a range of household services, helping you maintain a comfortable and well-kept home.

Maintenance Service

Taking care of your home by fixing things and keeping in good shape with our maintenance service.

On-demand Service

Need something done? Count on us for quick and convenient on-demand services tailored to your requirements.
Our Service Partner IMPL GCC

Seamless Support

  • 24/7 support
  • Expert guidance
  • One month free data positing
  • Training by mobile or online Teams
Building manage with Vobon Building manage with Vobon
Why Vobon?

Vobon aims to provide building management authorities with a comprehensive platform where they can access all the necessary services to effectively address their buildings' requirements.


Reduce the monthly burdens of billing and accounting and building maintennace.


Cutting down on time and costs.

Customer Testimonials

Voices of Satisfaction and Success. Your success story begins here!


We used to do all our calculations by hand, and it was a hassle with lots of mistakes. We had to keep track using three or four different books. But now, with the Vobon app, we just enter our data, and boom! We get all the reports right, and it's so much easier.
Md. Saiduzzaman, Finance Secretary
Manage 30 Units


We effortlessly resolve outstanding bill issues, prepare income and expenditure statements, and conveniently access apartment dues, receipts, and more—all in one place. Everything is easily managed!
Md. Khairul Alam, President
Manage 100+ Units

Frequently Asked Questions

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Vobon is a simple building management software designed for people who oversee buildings or apartments. If you're having trouble with billing and accounting for your monthly apartment expenses and income, Vobon can be like a virtual assistant for your building.
Building manage with Vobon Building manage with Vobon
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